Sunday, September 26, 2010

Individuation in the Logic Museum

Some sizeable and magnificient additions to the Logic Museum today.

  • A new page on Individuation.
  • It includes a brief history of the question of individuation by Phillips.
  • Boethius' essay on the Trinity.
  • Some works of Thomas, including the long but unfinished commentary on Boethius on the Trinity.

Thomas commentary includes question 4, a penetrating analysis of numerical difference and identity. See Article 1, Whether Otherness Is the Cause of Plurality, Article 2, Whether Variety of Accidents Produces Diversity According to Number, Article 3, Whether Two Bodies Can Be, or Can Be Conceived of as Being Simultaneously in the Same Place, and Article 4, Whether Variety of Location Has Any Influence in Effecting Numerical Difference.

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Brandon said...

Magnificent indeed. The whole thing is coming along quite well, I think; I think the Museum lends itself quite well to the wiki format.