Friday, April 15, 2011

Logic Museum links

Work so far on the Ockham translation:

Chapter or sectionDescription
IndexThe division of terms
Book I chapters 1-4The division of terms
Book I chapters 5-9Concrete and abstract terms
Book I chapter 10The definition of 'connotative' and 'absolute' terms
Book II chapter 7Truth conditions of past and future tense propositions
Book II chapters 12 & 14Negative and non-referring propositions
Book III.2 chapters 4-7Of the division of propositions required for demonstration

Chapters 11-17, including Ockham's arguments against the reality of universals, to follow one day.

Also there is Book I question I of the Summa on its own. This is part of a test to understand why Google does not index certain pages, together with a modified translation (in case Google is ignoring it because on other sites).


David Brightly said...

My guess is that Google doesn't index your B1Q1 page because there is no link to it from Logic Museum pages it already knows about or from anywhere else in the WWW.

Do a search for the page's URL ( on Bing, say. Nothing is found.

Solution: put an index to the Aquinas pages from some page already in the LM.

David Brightly said...

Sorry, previous comment a bit hasty---I can see you have done that. However, a Google search for "welcome to the logic museum", which finds your main index page, shows that this page was cached by Google on 4 April 2011, before you added the links to the Aquinas pages. (to see this, click on "cached" on the first hit) This suggests that Google crawls over LM fairly infrequently. The new pages should appear eventually. LM is referenced by plenty of other sites, of course.

David Brightly said...

Likewise, Bing last crawled over LM on 5 April. On the Bing search results page, hovering over a hit raises a ">" button to the right. Hovering on this button raises a 'more on this page' menu which offers a 'cached page' link at the bottom. Hope this is helpful. DB

Anonymous said...

Incredible work with the translation. I hope one day you decide to translate Clemens Timpler's Logicae systema methodicum (or any of his works for that matter).

Edward Ockham said...

The main page contains links to nearly all the pages in LM, in reverse chronological order, so I don't know if that's the problem. Some of the other index failures (I have now found) are due to the non-www version being indexed instead. I have altered some of the site settings to make www the default - this is apparently a common problem. Thanks for the suggestions though.

Edward Ockham said...

>>I hope one day you decide to translate Clemens Timpler's Logicae systema methodicum

Thanks anonymous, but Ockham is keeping me pretty busy at the moment :)

David Brightly said...

I think I have got to the bottom of Google not finding the Aquinas pages. The link you placed in the main index.htm on 29 October 2007 refers to authors/aquinas/summa/Summa-index.htm, but the Summa-index.htm file actually lives in the authors/aquinas directory. Clicking the link results in a file-not-found error.

Also, the Google problem with the nullohomine material is in part because the main index link inserted on 18 August 2007 refers to the file opposition\selectionsnullohomine.htm, and this too gives file-not-found. I guess the '\' should be a '/'.

In fact, index.htm has links to files containing '\' on the following lines:


These may account for the remaining anomalies.

David Brightly said...

I just noticed that although Firefox gets file-not-found errors on the links containing \ characters the Epiphany browser does succeed in reaching the pages. I guess it silently converts \ to / in links. Internet Explorer may well do the same (I haven't checked) thus masking the problem. But it looks as if Google's crawler does not.

Edward Ockham said...

Thanks David. I made some changes to the links, and will see what happens. I noted the crawler hasn't updated the main page since 2 Feb, so let's include a link to that as well.

Edward Ockham said...

However I'm still not sure that is the answer as a search on the nullohomine.htm file reveals that Google has indexed it at the non-www page here. The web has this strange system of regarding files with the "www" prefix as belonging to an entirely separate site.

David Brightly said...

I'm pretty sure that with the corrections you've made Google will find all your pages. Is there any way, as a website owner, you can encourage Google to re-index your site straight way, perhaps by using their 'webmaster tools'? I know the theory of all this stuff but my practice is rather out of date these days!

Don't worry about and being aliases for the same internet address. It's an historical accident that the convention grew up of registering domain names like '' for web sites. There's nothing that requires this but I suspect your site's hosting company automatically registered both names when you set the site up. It's so common that Google takes it into account, eg, with its 'show more results from' index entries.