Monday, April 30, 2012

Essex on dreaming

Joey Essex (My London, Evening Standard, 27th April 2012) says
I had a nightmare the other day. It felt like I was still asleep but I was awake, but it was weird because I was actually asleep.  When I woke up I was like 'Wow'.  It was so weird.
I'm not sure what he is on about here.  Is the point that, when you are dreaming, you are usually dreaming that you are awake, i.e. dreaming that you are walking, reading, talking to people, doing all the things that you are doing when you are awake. But sometimes you might be dreaming that you are dreaming, or in this case, dreaming that you are awake, but in one of those waking states where it seems as though you might be dreaming.  And then you actually wake up. Weird, eh?

[See also Alarm clock dreams, posted six years ago]

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Anthony said...

"See also Alarm clock dreams, posted six years ago"

Cool. I responded to it.

Isn't it amazing how you had a premonition six years ago that John Essex was going to write this? ;)