Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tenth Birthday!

Beyond Necessity is 10 years old today!

The first post was remarkably accurate. “But this being London, the plumber will not be there.” Correct, the plumber never turned up, and when challenged, justified this by saying ‘All plumbers are bastards. I should know, I’m a plumber’. We went to a supposedly reputable upmarket bathroom designer in response, but he took half of our money then went bankrupt. A nice Roumanian plumber fixed it for us in the end, to whom we are forever grateful, although the upstairs loo has problems that delicacy prevents mentioning here.

Best wishes to my small band of readers.


William M. Connolley said...

Happy Birthday!

Edward Ockham said...

Thank you William, glad one person reads my blog. I saw this film about Stephen Hawking last weekend but none of it made much sense. Perhaps I should post something about cosmology?

Busyantine said...

And another-belated-Happy Birthday wish.
I've valued your comments on the Maverick Philosopher site, keep going!

Edward Ockham said...

Thank you Nigel we aim to please.