Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Lindy Hop

The Wikipedia article on the history of Lindy Hop (which is not materially different from the article on Lindy Hop itself) says that the dance was "replaced by Rock and Roll dancing". Not entirely true. Compare this from the 1941 movie Hellzapoppin (featuring Whitey's Lindy Hoppers) with this by Bill Haley, from no earlier than 1956, and particularly compare these moves with these.  The only difference is the colour of the dancers.

More hoppin' from Whitey's hoppers here, some other dancing from the movie Swing Fever here, and see also a reconstruction, wonderfully done, from the film Malcolm X.  Note the same type of move here.  The tune 'Flying Home' was by Lionel Hampton, with a storming solo on saxophone by Illinois Jacquet.

Sadly, arguments over copyright mean that there is no sound for 'Lady be good' by Artie Shaw, where the dancing starts here, but there is a sound version without the pictures.  Don't miss Buddy Rich at 2m10s.

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